Estela Arco

a distinguished pharmacist

Estela Arco is a seasoned pharmacist with a profound dedication to advancing pharmaceutical care. Her journey is marked by a commitment to compounding medication, medication dispensing, and ensuring unparalleled customer service. Holding licenses in New Jersey and New York, Estela’s impact on the healthcare landscape is profound and enduring.


With an illustrious career spanning years, Estela’s expertise shines through her roles in overseeing day-to-day pharmacy operations, maintaining essential licensures, and achieving PCAB accreditation. Her unwavering dedication has set a standard for pharmaceutical care that is both exacting and compassionate.


Estela’s influence extends beyond her professional achievements. As an advocate for holistic well-being, she has imparted wellness and lifestyle advice to patients, highlighting the inseparable link between health and lifestyle. Her commitment to a balanced life is exemplified by her personal journey into self-taught yoga, showcasing her belief in a comprehensive approach to healthcare.


Beyond her role in the pharmacy, Estela is a recognized community leader. As the Bergen County Representative for Varsity Jackets and her involvement in pharmaceutical care at wellness centers, she has established herself as a driving force for positive change in healthcare.


Estela Arco’s legacy is a testament to her dedication to excellence, innovation, and compassionate care. Her story resonates with healthcare professionals, inspiring them to elevate their practice and contribute to a healthier world.

Professional Credentials

Education, Expertise and Career

  • Education: Estela Arco holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Her dedication to continuous learning led her to complete a Fellowship in Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging. She also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med from Nicholls State University.
  • Expertise: With dual licenses in New Jersey and New York, Estela’s expertise spans compounding medication, medication dispensing, and the delivery of exceptional customer service. Her comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical care extends to overseeing day-to-day operations and maintaining essential licensures.
  • Experience: Estela’s impressive career includes roles as a Senior Sales Manager at United Sports Apparel and as a Bergen County Sales Representative for Aladen Athletic Wear. Her influence in the healthcare landscape is exemplified by her role as the Pharmacist in Charge at Jiffy Scripts RX, where she designed a compounding and retail pharmacy, achieved PCAB accreditation, and coached patients on wellness.

More About Estela

  • Holistic Approach: Beyond her professional achievements, Estela embodies a holistic approach to healthcare. She has been practicing self-taught yoga since 2015, reflecting her belief in the interconnectedness of wellness and health. Her advocacy for balanced living extends to coaching patients on lifestyle changes for improved well-being.
  • Community Engagement: Estela’s impact extends to her local community. She served as the Pharmacist in charge of DUR at Do Well Be Well and was the Bergen County Representative for Varsity Jackets, demonstrating her commitment to both patient care and community involvement.

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